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Harpers of England - We believe


We are the Harpers of England

At Harpers of England, we believe in people.  We believe in second chances.  We believe in growth, creativity, and adventure.  And at Harpers of England, we are family.  That’s why you can follow the us from the mountain valleys in Utah to the heart of Norfolk, England, and on to the Netherlands next.  With a lot of mistakes learning and a drop of grace we learn to live wherever we go.


Tom Harper

Tom grew up on a farm in northern Utah where he milked cows, made pizza, and played American football before studying chemical engineering at University.  While studying, he worked full time as a metrologist to provide health insurance for the Harper family.  {He is specifically a temperature scientist.  He wears a lab coat}.  Little did he realise that metrology would take him around the world!  Tom is our technical guy~ he can fix anything.  Tom loves cooking, sports, and travelling.  He speaks German fluently and is teaching himself Dutch and Polish.

Amy Harper

Amy was born in Eugene, Oregon, and grew up playing out doors.  And coming from a family of girls, she also grew up playing in the sawdust and workshops of her dad and her grandpas.  She lived in Boise, Idaho, for a time before her family relocated to Utah.  During Amy’s senior year of high school, she developed a rare fainting disorder.  It left her home bound for months and derailed her dreams.  But she learned perseverance and pacing to control the disorder.  She also learned to make things as a way to challenge the very circumstances she could not control.  Amy loves to run long distance, travel, and create a home.  She also loves to mother her four little Harpers and take them exploring.

Amia Harper

Believe Wil Barber PhotographyWe should call Amia ‘Miss 2005’ for being the first baby born in the county on New Year’s Day.  Amia is our winter preemie that lived.  Born eight and a half weeks early, she was the star of the NICU because she grew so well.  Rather than let her rough start hold her back, she excels, especially in art and language arts.  Amia helps to write our Children’s Voices posts and helps paint and design signs.  She wants to be an artist and help with Harpers of England when she grows up.  Amia’s favourite things include reading a good book, drawing, running cross country, and family time.  She does not like asparagus.

Tyrus Harper

Beliebe Wil Barber Photography Tyrus is on the go.  His mind and body work like a perpetual motion machine.  Born in Autumn, he is the oldest and nearly the tallest in his class {got to love those Harper genes}.  Both outgoing and brilliant in math and Lego design, Tyrus is the person you go to for the facts about how things work.  Tyrus contributes to our Children’s Voices posts on our blog and helps build in the studio shed.  When he grows up, he wants to be a paleontologist until he gets bored, and then he will be a fighter pilot in the U.S. Air Force.  Tyrus’s favourite school subjects are math, design & technology, and computers.  He does not like girls, yet.

Maxwell Harper

Believe WIl Barber Photography Maxwell was born with red hair and he was a very good baby.  The first day we brought him home, he started moving around the crib.  He has not stopped exploring since!  Maxwell has a severe nut allergy so we keep our home free of nuts.  Sometimes this is hard, but Maxwell is very good about only eating foods that are safe for him.  Maxwell loves school, especially here in England.  He likes to read and draw and craft.  Maxwell does not like messy hands.  When he grows up, he wants to be an author and write nonfiction animal books for children.  He likes pirates.  He also loves reading Calvin & Hobbes comics.  

 Lavinia Harper

Believe Wil Barber Photography Lovely Lavinia rounds out the family with an exclamation point!  This girl loves people and exudes joy so we get some of our best stories of how we meet people from her.  She loves all animals, make up, and dinosaurs {rawrrrr!}.  Lavinia especially loves to play on the beach.  She does not come with volume control.  We love her to bits.



Children’s photo credits: the brilliant Wil Barber photography
Our photo credit: Sarah Wood at Remember When Photography